Mozart Immersive: The Soul of a Genius

Immersive art experience

Experience the unexpected

Imagine stepping inside one of the greatest of all musical minds. This is the journey "Mozart Immersive: The Soul of a Genius" will take you on.

For the very first time, Massimiliano Siccardi, immersive art installation pioneer, uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence as inspiration to craft astonishing visuals – inspired by the 18th-century destinations of Mozart’s world.

With video direction by Vittorio Guidotti, legendary dancer and actor Mikhail Baryshnikov’s tortured portrayal of Leopold, Mozart’s father, will enthrall audiences.

For this audio-centric immersive experience, Luca Longobardi re-arranged and recomposed 17 selected works from Mozart’s repertoire. The eclectic soundtrack, also featuring exclusive music from the Italian composer, was recorded by a 45-piece symphonic orchestra and conducted by four-time Grammy-nominated Constantine Orbelian.

Field A1 was entrusted with executive production for the project, adapting it to the authors' artistic requests, thanks to the contribution of its team of Visual Designers.


Massimiliano Siccardi, Luca Longobardi, Vittorio Guidotti

Produced by:

Visioni Eccentriche, Lighthouse Immersive


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