Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition

Immersive and digital art experience

A new perspective on Van Gogh's human and artistic worth

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit is an immersive experience that offers new insight into the art and life of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. The installation, created by the artist Massimiliano Siccardi, uses the re-elaboration of Van Gogh's works and an original sound track to create a narrative path, so that the artist can be discovered from a new perspective, in a unique and engaging experience for the visitor.

In a short time the work shot to fame and was reproduced in around 20 different towns in the USA and Canada. The experience was adapted to suite the requirements of different locations. Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit was crowned a blockbuster event in virtue of its record ticket sales.


Massimiliano Siccardi, Luca Longobardi, Vittorio Guidotti

Produced by:

Visioni Eccentriche, Lighthouse Immersive


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