Site-specific video installation

Installation on the front façade of Covo degli Arditi

The project _Disorder is an original creation by Field A1 and the Art Director Valerio Ciminelli. It arises from the intention to hone in on an issue as delicate as mental infirmity, starting from the first-hand experience of those who live with this condition. The need to recount this subjective viewpoint translated into the creation of a site-specific installation on the front façade of Covo degli Arditi, a former psychiatric institute in Potenza. The exhibition leads us on a first-hand experience of all the phases of institutionalisation: from the trauma of involuntary commitment to the total annihilation of the self and a series of moods conditioned by fear, anger, anxiety and paranoia.

The original sound track, composed by Francesco Fatale, played a key role in the creation of contents, effectively conveying the strong emotions to the public.

In a crude and direct way, _Disorder is a work that aims to shed light on the condition and abuse inflicted on people living with mental disorders. _Disorder is the voice of those who are heard but not listened to; the eyes of those who are visited but not seen. It is about those who feel alone in a crowd and accompanied in their madness.


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